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Fossils Educational Farm

The geo-paleontological path it’s a short itinerary, punctuated by 3 explicative signs, it leads to an excavationpaleontological where it’s possible to find Pliocene rocks, and fossils. Near to excavation the sign shows the more important mollusks fossils, discovered during the diggings, at the points where the Bolognese Apennine lands, have resurfaced from the sea, leaving evidences with fossils.

Fossils Educational Farm Bologna
Fossils Educational Farm Bologna
Fossils Educational Farm Bologna
Fossils Educational Farm Bologna
Fossils Educational Farm Bologna
Fossils Educational Farm Bologna
Animals Educational Farm >

Animal Educational Farm

Zootechnics is for us the best choice for our environment, and it is set on breeding, young beef, alpine brown breed, red brindled. Our milk, is made into cheese in the dairy, or we sell it...

milk educational farm >

Milk Processing Educational Farm

At Le Conchiglie Farmhouse, it’s possible watch milk processing, from cows milking, to milk processing, in the dairy. It’s possible to visit the dairy, of the farmhouse, to know the different...

guided tour wood >

Guided Tour Woods Educational Farm

Le Conchiglie Farmhouse offer to children, to boys, to grown up, from avril to september, botanical path, to approaching to the nature, to animal world and rural life of the farm. During the...

fossils educational farm >

Fossils Educational Farm

The geo-paleontological path it’s a short itinerary, punctuated by 3 explicative signs, it leads to an excavation, paleontological where it’s possible to find Pliocene rocks, and fossils...

school camps >

School Camps

Le Conchiglie Farmhouse, on the bolognese Apennine near Sasso Marconi, in the province of Bologna, organizes summer camp, school camp, holidays for children and boys, and summer stays...

traditional food >

Traditional Food

The farmhouse, sales directly, in farm store, beef meat, pork meat, and poultry. There are at disposal from the producer, to the consumer, in the retail sail, bullocks, porks, chickens, hens...

book a table >

Restaurant in Bologna's Hills

Farm holiday Le Conchiglie, is the ideal restaurant to eat in Bologna, the dishes of the traditional cuisine of Bologna. The farmhouse, has been awarded the DegustiBo...

book rooms/apartments >

Accommodation in Farmholiday

Farmhouse Le Conchiglie, has been awarded the Italian Hospitality, quality of accommodation, and catering. The farm has both rooms, apartments...

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